Lottery Sambad Today – Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM PDF 2019

Lottery Sambad is the most popular searched term in Indian lottery result, if you are searching for Lottery Sambad Result then you got it you are in the right place this website name is Nagaland State Lottery, in this website you get daily Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 am,

West Bengal State Lottery 4 pm and lastly Nagaland State Lottery 8 pm this lotteries are the part of Lottery Sambad only we publish daily most popular Lottery Results in India.

11:55 AM

4 PM

8 PM

Lets briefly discuss about Lottery Sambad Today Result, Lottery Sambad Result publish morning day and night result, which are divided three states lotteries, 1st one is Sikkim State Lottery dear morning also known as Sikkim state lotteries 11:55 am today another is known as West Bengal state lottery today 4 pm, Nagaland state lottery result today evening.

Let’s discuss Lottery Sambad

  • Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 am

Sikkim state lottery 11:55 am also known as lottery sambad 11:55 am morning result which is the 1st lottery sambad result and Sikkim state lotteries 1st prize is 25.27 lakhs which is a great handsome amount of money and the consolation prize is 10000 rupee.

  • West Bengal State Lottery 4 PM

West Bengal state lottery 4 pm is the most underrated lottery of Lottery Sambad Result, this lottery sambad game played in West Bengal for the daily result, and the 1st prize is 26lakhs or Indian rupee, the consolation prize is 10000 rupee.

  • Nagaland State Lottery 8 pm Evening

Nagaland State Lottery 8 pm evening result is the most popular sambad lottery game played by Nagaland Lottery Sambad and here is the prize money of 25.29 lakhs of rupee and the 2 first prizes and consolation prize of 1000 rupees.

You can check lottery sambad old results in our website we put 5 days old result in a separate box from there you can easily view the sambad lottery result.

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Sambad Lottery 2019 also known as Lottery Sambad Dear or you can say lottery sambad today, we also publish daily three times of Lottery Sambad Live result, please visit our website before 10 mins for life playing the game.

What is a Lottery Sambad?

Lottery Sambad is a newspaper which is 1st out in 1984 which time this very well known as Lottery Sambad Paper or lottery sambad paper and the time pass away its launched a lottery ticket system in many states of India mostly Nagaland state, Sikkim state and west Bengal state which sells lottery tickets now named as Nagaland lottery sambad, Sikkim state lotteries, and Nagaland lottery sambad.

Why lottery sambad revealed?

Firstly when sambad lottery papers are launched when it became a popular newspaper in India then the founder thinks about lottery sambad dear ticket and lauched a lottery ticket then it is game huge famous.

Is lottery sambad helped peoples life?

Yes lottery sambad is a cuisines now its a profitable business many of the peoples are successful in life from lottery sambad, many of the peoples are gets rich by this lottery tickets everyday 5 peoples get lakhs of rupee and they became rich in one day, and these lottery sellers are also got a job for daily life.

Many of the peoples are successful in their life from this lottery ticket, one example from the year 2016 I know a many who buys a lottery ticket from a seller and the man buy the lottery from credit but he not pay to the man but when the vendor check the lottery sambad result he got the 1st prize.there are many of the stories like that.

Sikkim State Lotteries today result

Sikkim state lotteries only one time of lottery sambad result game and the game changed many peoples lives

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