Showcasing Big Winners: How Lottery Outlets Leverage Instagram Stories & Reels

It’s common for lottery businesses to use Instagram to publish news about future results and winners. Lottery players should have no problem downloading any Instagram Story or post added by their favourite lotto shop using This unique online app allows players to save Instagram posts, reels, and stories.

So why are more and more lottery outlets and businesses using social media platforms like Instagram to market their businesses and products and moving away from traditional marketing methods like email marketing? Are there any benefits to posting an Instagram Reel as a business in 2023? Today, we’ll explore the topic of Instagram marketing, why so many lottery outlets are leveraging Instagram Stories and Reels, and how they’re utilising these features.

Why Use Instagram as a Lottery Business?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2023 and currently has around 2.35 monthly active users. This means that the likelihood of their audience using the platform is incredibly high for an online lottery business. 

A few other reasons include:

  • The demographic of users matches customers who play the lottery. 
  • There are affordable, built-in ad options that are customisable
  • Users watch about 17.6 million hours of Reels daily, allowing for many views of video content.
  • There are many methods of posting to maximise reach. 
  • Handles or usernames can be easily searched. 
  • Many social media marketing agencies specialise in Instagram marketing. 
  • There are many influencers whose audience can be leveraged. 

Posting Winners Experience

At the heart of promoting an online lottery outlet on Instagram is humanising the winners’ experience. This is done simply by capturing the moment the person realises they’ve won or showing the experience of being handed money. This is very effective as it makes it more relatable for the audience and creates an emotional connection. 

What this also achieves is establishing a sense of authenticity. It’s one thing to read about a person winning and another to see them receive a potentially life-changing sum of money. This provides credibility to the lottery outlet and, more importantly, sends the message that this could happen to anyone watching and creates a desire for the audience for it to be them. 

Creating Engaging Content

The only way to successfully market on Instagram is to build an audience and maintain your account, which lottery outlets have focused on by creating engaging content using creativity to stand out from the competition. A rule of thumb for social media marketing is that only 20-30% of your posts should be “selling content” or promotional content. 

Much of the content originates from the community, and customers are often urged to participate with a post (usually as part of a competition where prizes can be won, such as hashtag challenges). This makes the content engaging and memorable, which helps to ensure that a user will follow the account to check for updates. Some of the content is also funny, allowing users to relax and build rapport with the brand. 

Sharing News and Updates on the Platform

Instagram is also commonly used by lottery websites to share news and updates. For example, an Instagram Story about an upcoming special promotion will grab an audience’s attention and drive visits to the profile page, which can be leveraged to gain views on posted content as part of a content strategy. This strategy can also be selected to drive traffic to a blog article about further tips or steps for lotto players to consider when trying to maximise their earnings. 

Instagram Reels about regulation changes or upcoming events within the industry can position the online lottery service as an authority within the niche, resulting in more followers. By taking this approach, using creative ideas, and focusing on quality content, lottery outlets can gain clients and become a solution for the audience.

Building an Online Lottery Brand Image

Aside from building a name for themselves, an online lottery business uses Instagram Stories and Reels to improve credibility and trustworthiness. A client is likely to pay more (within any industry) if there’s a sense of trust if the brand is secure, and if they’re relevant. Online lottery outlets use Instagram to promote transparency, which is essential for many lottery players. 

Reels and Stories are also used to maintain consistency across marketing, making the brand more recognisable and diversifying itself from competitors with a specific focus on logo usage, colour schemes, and the overall visual style of posts. 

If used correctly, Instagram can be a powerful tool for lottery outlets, and many brands choose the platform for the ability to post diverse content that doesn’t apply to platforms like Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook. Lottery outlets don’t just promote their products using Reels and Stories but instead humanise the experience and build trust.

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