Talk About Life-Altering: 9 Of The Biggest Indian Lottery Winners | 2024

There’s something about trying your luck to win a grand prize. The mere prospect of a brighter future, although intangible and only remotely possible, are enough to fill you with hope and anticipation. If you’ve ever felt that rush of excitement when scratching that lotto ticket or perhaps discovering no deposit free slots bonuses – you can understand the fraction of elation these winners felt. Interestingly, none of these winners expected to win, despite being the ones to purchase the lottery tickets. Who knows? Maybe you could be the next lucky winner!

#1. Hira Singh

This guy is the biggest lottery winner that India has ever seen! Although the probability of matching all six numbers on a lottery ticket is pretty low, Hira Singh was lucky enough to be the winner. Although he was a regular buyer, the ticket that changed his life was the one he bought while travelling for work. Ironically, he missed the live draw announcement and he only realized that he was the winner several days later, when he went to scan his ticket and literally couldn’t believe his eyes. He rescanned the ticket three times before he could actually believe that he was the lucky one to be taking $50 million home!

#2. Sadan

Sadanandan from Kerala’s Kottayam, fondly known as Sadan, hit the jackpot in January 2022, receiving ₹12-crore from the state government’s Christmas-New Year lottery. He bought the winning ticket on his way to a nearby market to buy meat. Surely, he never imagined that the ticket he’d bought would change his life forever! A painter worker, Sadan shared his plans of what to do with his newfound wealth, and that involved providing better living conditions for his children – Saneesh and Sanjay.

#3. Porunnan Rajan

On his way to get a fourth loan to repay three prior ones, this tribal-colony resident from Malur Kaithachala bought a lottery ticket which turned out to be the answer to all of his financial woes, allowing him to pay off all his debts. The ₹ 300 ticket was relatively expensive so he didn’t tell anyone of his purchase. But it was worth it indeed, because it earned him a ₹12 crore prize which helped him to assist his younger daughter in getting a better education, and to finish the work on his house where he lives with his son, wife and daughter.

#4. Sharafuddin

A lottery ticket seller from Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu was blown away when he learned that he’d won the Kerala State Christmas New Year Bumper Lottery which amounted to the huge sum of ₹12 crores that turned him from a lottery seller to a lottery winner. Prior to his win, Sharafuddin used to buy lottery tickets from the Bharani Lottery Agency, and sell them to customers. He had also held onto some unsold lottery tickets from his own batch, which included the winning ticket. Sharafuddin intends to wisely invest the funds he’s won.

#5. Ananthu Vijayan

This guy who was just 24 years old at the time, won the impressive grand prize of ₹12 crores in the 2020 Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery. Just a few days prior to the draw date, he had purchased the winning ticket from a lottery agent. When he received a call notifying him of his win, Ananthu thought someone was pranking him. But as the reality of his win sank in, he made plans to start a business with his father and buy a small house near Ernakulam.

#6. Sandeep Singh

Imagine becoming a millionaire a few days after a breakup, at the age of 22! That’s exactly what happened to Sandeep Singh, also known as Sunny, who staunchly believed that one day he will win the lottery. Talk about manifesting whatever you truly believe in! The massive jackpot of $61 million was divided between himself and another winner. Admirably, one of the first things that Sandeep did with a tiny portion of the money was to cover his mother’s debt as well as donate a sum to charity.

#7. Lingaraju D.

This retired health inspector was left in awe after discovering that he’d won the great prize of ₹3.8 crores (approximately US $514,000) in June, 2020, at the age of 68 years. Although the initial shock of his win left him speechless, the reality of his good fortune eventually set in, leaving him feeling ecstatic He then planned to use this stroke of luck to buy a new home, pay off his daughters’ debts and offer money to some of his relatives who needed it badly.

#8. Prasanth Parasuraman

Similar to other winners on the list, Prasanth only got to know about his windfall almost a week after the draw. The reason why it took him so long to realize was that he used to buy tickets on Friday but this time round, he had bought it another day. As an Indian chef residing in Canada, Prasanth shared his plans of opening a restaurant or food truck with some of the money and potentially go on a trip to Mexico or Jamaica.

#9. Ushakiran Patel

Finally, a female winner! Ushakiran, an India-origin retiree living in America won the $1 million prize after picking out numbers randomly on the ticket. When asked what she’ll do with the prize, she wasn’t quite sure, but having an easy and relaxed retirement period was one of the things that she looked forward to.

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