The Many Different Types of Online Gambling in India

Online gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes. The industry has been around for a couple of decades; a short amount of time when compared to the land-based gambling industry. However, it has risen to the point where it generates billions of dollars, and could be able to compete with its predecessor soon.

The reason for the success of iGaming (as it is called), has to do with the diverse sites that players can access. In this article, we’d like to discuss the various gambling platforms that exist in India, and by extension, around the world. All of these websites are easily accessible, and simple to navigate. Without further ado, let us get started. 

Online Gambling in India

Before we get to the different platforms and venues for online gambling, we have to discuss the legality of it all. Many may believe that India is quite strict on gambling, and in some instances that is the case. However, there are no federal laws in the country that prohibit online betting and casinos. Some states have gone out of their way to ban the practice. However, thus far, nobody has been prosecuted for gambling online.

Regardless of the laws that exist, Indians are free to access offshore online casinos. In other words, if the gambling website is not headquartered in India, it is fair game. An example here would be the Casino Days mobile app, the intricacies of which we will discuss a bit further in the article. There are plenty of other online casinos that cater to an Indian demographic, some of which even offer well-known Indian gambling games, like Teen Patty, Rummy, etc. 

Casino Websites

We’ve looked at the legal matters, so it is now time to address the main topic. That being the different types of online gambling available in India. We will, naturally, start out with the most widespread and popular one; the gambling websites. For those who may not be aware, online casinos are websites that host a whole plethora of popular gambling games. You can take your pick from slots to blackjack, and even region-specific games, like Indian Rummy. 

Casino websites were the first form of online gambling. Once upon a time, however, the only game you could play at these sites was a slot game. Now, that has changed drastically, and as we said, these websites are quite diverse in terms of games they offer. Not only that, but they have begun embracing a variety of payment methods, from credit cards to e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency. 

Live Casinos

A sub-category of casino websites would be live casinos. Don’t confuse live casinos for land-based casinos though. Whereas land-based casinos refer to brick-and-mortar establishments, live casinos are online gambling websites that incorporate the latest in livestreaming to provide you with an immersive home experience. 

Here, you can come face to face with a dealer who is broadcasting themselves in real time. You can select a game, whether that be Teen Patty, blackjack, or baccarat, and play that game as if you were in a land-based establishment. Live casinos are perfect for people who want to feel the camaraderie of brick-and-mortar casinos, while also conveniently accessing it from home.

Mobile Casinos

We mentioned before that we would get back to mobile casinos like the Casino Days mobile app. And here we are. The smartphone has completely dominated the western world, and it is becoming a lot more widespread around the globe. Plenty of Indians have access to a miniature computer in their back pocket, and with public Wi-Fi improving every year, access a mobile casino should be a breeze.

But what are mobile casinos? Well, they are exactly what you’d expect; online gambling platforms that you can access from your phone. There are two major versions of mobile casinos. One is the mobile casino app, like the one we already discussed. You can download mobile casino apps from their corresponding websites, by getting your hands on the APK file, as the Google Store and Apple Store don’t allow for gambling apps to be sold and bought on their platforms.

The other option is to find an online casino website that is mobile compatible. Programmers nowadays strive to create websites that are compatible with most devices, precisely because they know most people own smartphones. Which means that finding a site that you can access through a mobile device shouldn’t be too hard. However, a lot of people still prefer to download the app, regardless.

Crypto Casinos

The final casino type we are looking at is the crypto casino. Crypto casinos are precisely what you’d expect; online casinos where you can gamble using cryptocurrency. It is no secret that crypto is a huge trend in finances right now. The digital currency has made an impact on the world of retail, e-commerce, trading, and more. Naturally, iGaming has also felt the change.

One of the primary ways that iGaming has changed is by incorporating crypto as a popular payment method. However, when casinos focus entirely on crypto and leave all other payment methods behind, we call them crypto casinos. Some may wonder what the role of these casinos even is? What do they have to offer that an online casino that allows crypto deposits doesn’t?

Well, crypto casinos tend to be a lot more anonymous and private. The main appeal of crypto is privacy, after all. So, for players who are more secretive and don’t want their identities revealed, crypto casinos are a perfect alternative. Not to mention, most crypto casinos work with a variety of currencies, and not just the main three. 

Closing Thoughts

iGaming is a growing industry. The more popular it becomes, the more likely it is that countries around the world will begin to legalize online casinos. With that, the industry will continue to grow safer and better. Even now, online casinos have shown that they are safe, reliable, and most importantly, entertaining. In this article, we’ve discussed the different kinds of online casinos that you can access as an Indian gambler.

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