Where are iGaming Licenses From?

In recent times, computer games have succeeded in firmly proving to the world that they have a place under the sun among the fastest-growing industries. Not only that, but gaming has become a real profession with attractive features—a multi-layered activity that combines and requires a number of skills from its practitioners. They are expressed not only in the game achievements themselves but also in the so-called “soft skills” such as communication, intelligence, and creativity.

The rise of iGaming

One of the branches of gaming that is enjoying significant growth and interest is that of online betting games, also known as iGaming. Until just a decade or two ago, these were games that required players to visit a casino. That is, what is now available to millions of users worldwide in the form of iGaming was, until recently, literally limited by physical boundaries. Nowadays, however, one can find as many different online casino games as no physical casino can offer in a single location.

At the heart of this growth is technological progress that has given access to high processing power and affordable ultra-fast internet that fits in a pocket-sized device. Smartphones weren’t really the origin of iGaming, but they took it to new levels. More specifically, the beginning of the digital era for casinos is considered the first TV broadcasts of poker tournaments with the so-called “hole cams”—cameras which show viewers all the hands of the players at the table. From there on, the explosive interest in this game set the beginnings of the iGaming industry.

Casino safety and compliance

As good as technology is for business, it also has its challenges. Wide access to iGaming solutions attracts millions of users from all over the world, but this raises the question about the protection of these platforms. Nowadays, there is constant talk about the protection and management of personal data, some of which can be accessed by every website visited by Internet users. With iGaming, besides personal data, it’s also about money. That is, it is an industry from which a top level of consumer protection is expected. If the user is looking for variety combined with safety, then a suitable solution is to browse the listings of the best Indian casinos with an iGaming licence.

iGaming companies all over the world are subject to strict regulations and inspections. In general, however, the online casino industry is not evenly developed on a global scale. While there are countries that are quite liberal in iGaming offerings, there are those that completely ban them and those that stand between the two extremes.

What is important in this case, however, is how things stand with the protection of iGaming players. Who and how guarantees their peace of mind? Like financial institutions such as banks and investment brokers, iGaming companies also need licenses to operate. These licenses are issued by certain state licensing authorities, but the exact process varies from state to state.

An interesting case is the USA, where, although it is one country, there is a wide variety of legislation regarding iGaming. This is because different states apply different rules regarding the iGaming industry. Although the trend there is for more liberalization in this regard, there are still, for example, states that do not allow online betting.

Things are different depending on which jurisdiction we are looking at. Generally, the most popular ones are the licensing authorities of Malta—one of the hottest casino destinations in the world, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom, as well as smaller countries with strong casino industries, such as Panama and Curacao.

Additional iGaming protections

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to iGaming licenses, as it depends on where the platform wants to operate and which countries’ users it plans to target. However, the license is an important symbol of the security and reliability of an iGaming solution. Information on this aspect should be easily accessible to users so that they can check whether the platform has the necessary licenses and whether they are still valid.

In the online betting industry, there are other elements that platforms use to protect their offerings. Among them is the so-called Random Number Generator—the software that is the basis of the fair and truly random draws of cards, numbers, etc. It, too, is subject to checks by relevant authorities. Other protection tools include artificial intelligence, teams of experienced developers, as well as analytical methods that timely notify platforms of suspicious user activity.

Despite all the measures and protections, however, nothing is more important than personal responsibility. Users of iGaming sites should exercise due vigilance and report irregularities immediately.

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