How much time does the average gamer spend playing online?

On average, how much time do people spend playing online?

We all know the stereotype of the addicted gamer, who spends practically all of his time playing online. However, how close is this stereotype to reality? That’s what we’re going to analyze in this article.

We know that there are people who really enjoy playing online. However, it is expected that the biggest lovers of online casino games, like those you can find at Bettilt India, know how to practice a responsible gaming style. That is, they know not to spend too much time playing online and they are able to manage their bankroll efficiently. But can we consider the average player a responsible player? Let’s find out.

Time spent playing online

First of all, it is necessary to make something very clear: when we talk about time spent playing online, in this case, we are not considering video games. That’s a whole other topic, and we believe that in this case the results would be much more surprising. In this case, we are only talking about time spent playing at online casinos.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to understand that the evaluation of the average time spent by online players in casinos focuses only on casino players registered on these platforms. If we were to take a real average of all people, then in this case the number would be insignificant, although there are many online gamblers, most people are not registered on one of these gambling platforms.

Having said that, after all, how much time do casino players spend playing?

A question of location

According to a study by the European Gambling and Betting Association, EGBA (European Gambling & Betting Association), casino players place a bet online once every 17 days. However, the time per session varies depending on the country analyzed. For example, in Poland, according to a 2019 study, 28.6% of casino players limit their gaming sessions to 15 minutes or less. 34.7% of the same sample of players do not play less than 15 minutes, but also do not exceed half an hour.

In Ireland, and according to the country’s largest psychology publication, on average, casino players have sessions lasting 2.8 hours. This number is even higher if we consider only the female study participants—on average, Irish women play a total of 3.4 hours per session.

Where and how do players interact with casinos?

The studies analyzed show us other surprising data in addition to the discrepancy between men and women when it comes to online gambling (the case of Ireland was not the only one in which women showed a predisposition for longer gaming sessions than men). For example, they also revealed that, despite the popularity of online mobile games, the majority of online gamers have never played away from home.

A study that focused on 8,000 players in the United Kingdom also concluded that:

Mobile is the most popular method for accessing online casinos.

Despite the popularity of cell phones, tablets and computers have stagnated and there is no longer a decrease in the number of users who prefer these access methods.

Only one in five online gamblers has ever played at an online casino outside of their home. Cell phones are popular, but they continue to be mostly used at home.

On average, online gamblers have three accounts on betting platforms. However, the number is higher if we only consider younger players.

Sports betting continues to be the most popular type of online betting.

The importance of responsible gaming

Fortunately, when we look at the numbers overall, we don’t find any statistics that are too scary. The case of Ireland is perhaps the most serious, as it is necessary to remember that we analyze the average time spent by each player registered at an online casino playing. As not everyone plays more than 3 hours, there are many people who spend more time than 3 hours playing online.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize the need to play responsibly. Another study analyzed concluded that most casino players aim to make money online, which is a very dangerous view of online gambling. Although it is possible to make money playing online, online gambling should always be seen solely and exclusively as a form of entertainment. People looking to make money playing online are in danger of falling into gambling mania.

Remember to always play responsibly, not to chase your losses and not to bet more than you can afford to lose. Placing time and monetary limits for each game session can also be a good idea.

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